Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Feet

I should have worn some tennis shoes and socks today but
it was worth having cold feet (literally) for the Gospel's sake.

Meet Josh (left) and Tyler (Right) they both are
REALLY tall...sort of like Todd Friel.
Speaking of Todd...I'll be seeing him this weekend in CA at
"Transformed" maybe I'll take a photo with him and
take one of my shoes off to see how tall he is.

Tyler was on Hour 1 of Wretched Radio.

Josh was on Hour 2 of Wretched Radio.

Not only did Tyler and Josh hear the
Gospel today...but so did all their friends.

Kristen (left) and Paige (middle) drove an hour just to
join me today for the radio...thanks girls for coming out!

Here's what Kristen has to say about what happened today: "Josh and Tyler were hesitant to talk at first, but then opened up a lot once all their friends started showing up. After talking to Ray they said they had never had the gospel presented to them "that way" and said it all made sense. We talked to their friends as well and they all said the same thing. If they haven't already repented and put their trust in Jesus I hope and pray they don't wait until it's too late."

And Paige said: "One by one Tyler's friends came from around the corner.....maybe they thought they would gather round to "save HIM from US"....little did they know were gonna get some good news to be saved themselves. In Josh's words, (from hour 2) "the gospel message is intense, and makes sense." Please pray for our youth. "


Anita said...

Trish, at the risk of stealing away some part of your blessing in Heaven, how beautiful are the feet (yours!) that bring glad tidings of the good news of the gospel! You have inspired a very timid person to become more bold in my daily encounters. I can't wait to talk to you some day!

Fish With Trish said...


I would be a blessing to meet you too someday. Please know that if you're ever in my neck of the woods you are welcome to join us for church or evanglism...or both. :-)

Glad you've been encouraged here!


luke's mother said...

Wow. You have very pretty feet, Trish! You should be a foot model!