Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"The's so cut and dry!"

Nolan and Dolyn share their thoughts after hearing
the Gospel on Wretched Radio last Thursday.
Listen to what they have to say during my follow-up!
I appreciate your prayers for them.


Wretched said...

Trish! I love you! You ended it with Shai Linne! Rock on. Thank you for the followup. I love seeing what they think of the conversa...dialog..chitchat with Todd.

In the Wretched Chat someone in TX was looking for a good church. I suggested they go to Sovereign Joy. They said it was an hour away. I said there are people that drive 3 hours to go to a good church, how important is it to you?

They went and LOVED it! Not sure if they will continue or what but I SO wish I was close enough to visit.

G-d bless you and your family and church.

Fish With Trish said...

So glad to hear they came to Sovereign Joy. I think that was the weekend I was out of town.

Rich Bradford said...

I enjoyed listening to those witness encounters on Wretched Radio. That day seemed unusual for WOTMR/Wretched Radio where the "fish" in both segments seemed inclined toward repenting and putting their trust in Jesus.

Fish With Trish said...

It was a great day, Rich! I appreciate your prayers for these two young men.