Monday, November 17, 2008

Two Minute Gas Station Tips for Evangelism


Lydia said...

*tries not to covet your gas prices* Thanks for the tips, Trish! I'll definitely be using those lines!

Jared said...

Another idea - if you fold the Million Dollar Bills into thirds, they fit perfectly into the credit card slot on the pump. I always slip one in there before I leave for the next person who uses the pump. They will have to take the tract out of the slot to pay for their gas, and then they have soemthing to read while they wait for their tank to fill. The little "Are You a Good Person?" booklets also fit really well.

Chris said...


Your two minute tips are awesome. I loved the last one about the fast food drive-thru window. This one is great as well.

Thanks for the ideas!

God bless,


Mark Sohmer said...

Another great tip, as always Trish!

Another good line to use is, "Here's a million dollars for you. You can buy a gallon of gas with it."

Also, if you fold them slightly, they fit into the credit card slot on the pump, so that the next person to drive up to the pump will find it there.

And don't forget to go to Staples or some office supply store to have a stamp made with your name and email address/website and stamp all your tracts so people can contact you! :)

Melanie said...

That was awesome "Here's a million for you, you're doing a great job" and yeah that punch him thing was a little unexpected.

I love these vids. I have my million dollar bill tracts and I need gas! I wish our gas prices were at 2 and change :/

LoveTheLost said...

Great idea, thanks for posting.

Also, folded up MDB's are the perfect size to leave in the credit card slot.

Punch him, punch him??! Hahahaha! Too funny.

goforth said...

Great tip Trish. Just one thing, if you leave the car, make sure that the hose won't pop out on you, or that the auto-stop works! At the truck stops, we regularily do walk-arounds of our trucks while fuelling, and I've covered the side of my truck with diesel:P
Also, in addition to the c/c slot, good tip, a lot of pumps have ads on them, and a million stands up great inside the frame:)
Keep up the good work!


Coulnt believe it when i saw this tip because i already do this! It works very well, people are very responsive and you make use of otherwise waisted time waiting for the car to fill up! Great tip Trish!

Kitty Cat Skuse said...

that is a great tip! my husband like to leave the ones where you have to push your thumb on and it turns green in the credit card slot! My youngest daughter likes to give out millions at the grocery store. I am still using the line about getting your bailout money! ha Ha

Travis Yates said...

Great tip. As far as I can tell the midwest has the west coast beat with Quik-Trips! It's a great store. They may have the weather and the Dodgers but we have Quik-Trip.