Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What ever happened to worship??!!

This came in my mail the other day...


cvcraven said...

___________________ (This is me being speechless) Wow....

Jason and Vanessa said...

That's not as bad as the one I got a couple of weeks ago asking, "Rethinking Jesus?" and their site was even worse it says:

"Most churches are okay, but we think there should be something more basic ... simpler, pristine, concerned about people, all people, especially if they are skeptical, and less concerned about an institution – A zeroChurch.

• We have a talk, but no preaching.
• We have an offering, but not for us, for the poor and oppressed.
• We have a warm community, but don't care a lot about formal membership
• We have a band, but not much worship music.
• We have a worship service, but not to the exclusion of new worshipers."

quoted from

wow! what happened to worship, and preaching! (that's all i can say before i cry)

beencalled said...

here's some of the songs they'll be playing:

"We all worship in a yellow submarine"

"I want to hold your hand... to church"

"Hey, Judas"

"All you need is God's love"

"Come Together... and Worship"


"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Praise Band"

Mark Sohmer said...

Oy vey!

I feel bad for these seeker-sensitive Pastors. They must have so much pressure on them to creatively come up with the next clever gimmick to keep people coming.

Pastors like your husband and my pastor have it easy in a sense; they just preach the Bible verse-by-verse and don't have the added pressure of "What will I do after the Dr. Seus Series and after the Best of 90's Grunge Rock Series?"

Trish, do you plan to contact this church and witness to them or have the Pastor be interviewed by Todd on the radio?

Spence Ohana said...

Oh how sad...and I even like some Beatles songs! :-) I received a similar flyer to this Connection Church in my town with their main advertisement and marketing being that they have an awesome band that plays at service. It's examples like these showing me how Protestant churches continue to branch off, it's really saddening. I pray these people/churches seek the Truth. I am thankful to be apart of Catholicism which mitigates against secularization and humanism. It's obvious with this flyer you received Trish that human interests, values, and dignity predominate in their church over God's. Unbiblical individualism which undermines Christian community is dangerous.

" that there may be no division in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another. And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it."
1 Corinthians 12:25-26

Marcey said...

Sadly, that is what we are seeing more and more of. It seems to be this idea that church is for the purpose of evangelism. If that is the case, then where do the believers get fed and where do they fellowship? And, with a mentality that says church is for evangelism, we are excusing ourselves from the obligation and honor of evangelizing the lost because we just begin to buy into the false fact that it is the church's job to evangelize. (Not to mention, I can't imagine the version of the gospel message that's being shared when your main topic is "The Beatles"

Javier said...

I think Sovereign Joy should send out fliers that say "We don't compromise, we anathematize!" ...I wonder how that would be taken... ;\

Javier said...
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Rustywolverine said...

Ok here is the scary part. Sgt peppers lonely hearts club band was an attempt by the beatles to pay homage to Allester Crowly, who is known to be the "father of modern satanism"? The song states: "It was twenty years ago today,Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play". The album came out in 1967, Crowly had died twenty years earlier in 1947 the year timothy leary claimed that Crowly passed the baton to him to bring in the satanic revolution. Oh and if your wondering what Timothy leary has to do with the beatles? They wrote a campain song for his failed presidential attempt. What song? Come together.

00 said...

Ah....more of 'the church' trying to imitate the world.

Mister Stevi B said...

Wow , we have become so far removed from the gospel message in our mainstream churches. It is so sad. If the salt has lost it's savour , how can anything be salted.
It's just as compromised as this album and good for nothing.
God help us.

Sandi said...

Pastor Thomas and his wife are spirit filled christians who love Jesus passionately! Have you ever been to Keystone? The Lord's favor is there!! Brandon and his wife deeply desire for all to come to a realtionship with our saviour Jesus christ! Remember each church has a unique voice to reach the lost in this dying world. Be careful who you judge!