Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Superb! This is a must watch...

Kirk Cameron interviews John MacArthur
Also, don't forget to go see FIREPROOF the movie
(starring Kirk Cameron) in theatres this Friday!
I've already bought my tickets--how about YOU?
Click HERE for details.


Mark Sohmer said...

My wife and I are so stoked to see "Fireproof", that we actually HIRED a babysitter (unheard of on our budget!).

So Lord willing, we'll be there on Friday night.

(Do you like how I used the hip and relevant term "stoked?" I could be emergent! LOL)

Fish With Trish said...

Another family from our church got a baby sitter too. :-)

Unknown said...

My husband and I watched this last night... I absolutely LOVE John MacArthur's message here, and I'm trying to find a decent price on his commentaries (I'm the same MySpace Jessie who has been flooding you with comments, too). Thanks for posting this video!

I'm hoping to see Fireproof, but with as sick as I've been for the past almost 9 weeks, I might have to wait until it comes out on DVD :(

Timothy Glass said...

That was great thanks for that video Trish, I have emailed it to everyone on my list and they are emailing back with the same thoughts, ( That was awesome!!)