Thursday, June 12, 2008

"This wasn't a was a journey!"

Antonio was a very nice young man with a lot of responsibility for only being twenty years old. He had a girlfriend, a son (2 years old), and another child on the way. He was on The Way of the Master Radio Hour 2, today.

The first words out of Antonio's mouth when he hung up with Todd Friel (Host of The Way of the Master Radio) was, "It was...uh...eye-opening...I'll tell ya that! He made me think about things that I normally just don't think was a journey." Antonio continues, "You know how people say, "that's a trip?" well this wasn't a was a journey!"

My husband Emilio explains our follow-up with him in this way, "Antonio fit the perfect definition of lost, when I asked him if he knew why he was created, why he was alive today, and where he was going, he quickly admitted, “I don’t know my purpose.” This of course was the perfect opportunity to tell him that Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Antonio at first explained to me, “I got on the radio to have a guy tell me I am going to hell?” But after considering what Todd had to share with him, he was actually grateful and recognized his need for the Savior."

Please pray that God would Antonio would cry out to God to save him. He was really relieved to hear of what Christ did on the cross. We explicitly defined what it meant to repent versus just confess, and that to follow Christ meant forsaking all things. If you would like to listen to the radio broadcast click HERE.