Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Will you take the One-2-One Challenge?

So you've passed out your first tract and maybe you've passed out far more than just one gospel tract and you're ready for more. Great job! Now I'd like to encourage you to take the next step and talk with someone about the Lord.

Here's Challenge Number 2:
You have one week from today to talk with an unbeliever about Christ. I call this a one-to-one evangelism encounter. You can talk with someone at the grocery store, the mall, or at work. Maybe you have been wanting to share the Gospel with your neighbor or family member--then post your story below on my blog or email me at email@fishwithtrish.com.

If She Did It--So Can YOU:
Below you will find a few accounts from my dear friend Michelle (21 years old) who took me up on a challenge I extended to her a couple of weeks ago. I gave her one week to witness to one person. Below is what she wrote me. I think you will find her writings encouraging. Michelle writes day-by-day and describes step-by-step what she did. I hope these writings relieve you to know that you're not alone in taking bold steps to overcome your struggles and fears to share your faith:

1st step towards my challenge...
Sent on Monday, April 28th 2008, 12:47 AM
Hi Trish, I had to work tonight and I got a 15 minute break. In the break room there were two other people taking a break at the same time. Pheobe, Matt and I got into a conversation about religion. Matt said he didn't believe in anything at all. Pheobe didn't tell me what religion. I told them that I was a Christian. Phoebe asked me "Are you a die hard Christian?" I asked her what that meant. She said "Are you one of those Christians that say you have to do this or you are going to hell?" I told her yes. She decided to say "But I am a good person. I'm close to perfect." I told her that "No one is a good person and that only God is perfect." She kind of chuckled and I had to leave because my break was up and I had to go back to the check stand. I just wanted to let you know how my week is going so far with your challenge of having a one-to-one conversation. Although I haven't gotten there yet, I am working my way there and plan to have one by this Saturday like you challenged me to. I love you so very much! I can't tell how much you blessed me on Saturday. Thanks. Michelle

Another baby step...
Sent on Tuesday, April 29th 2008, 8:17 PM
I walked up to a girl at my college campus and asked if I could sit down.. I asked her what she was studying and she was studying for an accounting test. I pulled out my bible and I started to pull out a tract but then I put it back. I got scared and didn't start a conversation. But it was a step. I actually said hello to a girl I had never met before and walked up to her and asked if I could sit down. I felt so depressed when she left. But I am moving forward. Michelle

Well... I did it. I initiated my first one-to-one conversation.
Sent on Sunday, May 4th 2008, 1:08 PM
I did it Saturday night around 6pm. I initiated my first one-to-one conversation. Here is my story. I had been watching a couple of girls beside a fountain down in Glendale and they were just chatting together. I felt this deep feeling inside of me tell me to go and start a conversation with them. I told myself no in my head. But it kept nagging at me to share with them. So finally I said yes.. My heart was pounding in my chest. I looked at my dad and said to him that I want to have a conversation with the girls. Oh no... I thought there is no turning back now... My dad asked me if I wanted some back up and if I wanted him to go with me. I shook my head yes. So we headed over to them.

We walked up to the girls my heart still pounding in my chest. I had a couple million dollar bills with me. "Did you get one of these?" I handed it to them. "Do you know what the million dollar question is? What?, they asked. "Do you know what happens to somebody when they die?" Silence. She said something that I don't remember. I had no idea what to say next. I looked to my dad for help. "Well what do you think you have to do to go to heaven? Be a good person?" he asked. One of the girls said "yes." "Would you like to go through a good person test to see if that is true?" he asked. "Yes." I then took it from there. "Have you ever told a lie? Yes she replied. If I lied to you what would you call me? I don't know, she replied. I then look up at my dad again for help. He said "It rhymes with fire and starts with an L." She shrugged her shoulders. "Liar." I asked her "Have you ever stolen anything, even something small, downloaded music that you didn't pay for?" "No." "Have you used God's name to express disgust, like saying Oh my g.." "Huh" She wasn't understanding. Her friend standing next to her try to explain. "Like saying Oh my God." "Yes." the other girl said. That's called blasphemy. The girl still didn't seem to understand. The other girls phone started to go off. She said "You know what we have to go. Our ride is here." "Oh Okay." I said.

And that was it. That was the conversation I had. After that I talked to my dad and he said that he thought there was probably a language barrier between us...After that I was able to hand out about 4-500 tracts that night. When I got back to the car, I broke down in tears. I was so sorry that I couldn't really get in a deep conversation and share the gospel with those two girls because I was literally shaking with nervousness, my heart pounding and stuttering my words a lot and they had to leave as well. That was a huge step out of my comfort zone... Never before had I taken so huge a step in my life to share the gospel with someone.

About one week later Michelle share the good news with another person, she writes:
My friend and I together were able to have a one-to-one conversation with two 15 year old boys. We were able to get through the law and the gospel between the two of us. It seemed so much easier sharing the law and the gospel when I had someone that ping-ponged back and forth with me. She would do one section and then I would and we would go back and forth. Love ya! Michelle


Mark Sohmer said...

I'm praising God for Michelle and her willingness to follow Christ's great commission, one baby step at a time! :)

Lauren said...
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Wendy said...

Trish, I have a strong desire and passion to share my faith and I can hand out tracts all day long but the one-2-one conversation I had not done until today. I have had many open doors to share my faith in this way and have even started conversations with the goal of "jumping off" into the gospel. Sadly, I either freeze or panic before I ever get that far. I will readily admit that fear and pride are usually the culprits. I have found myself more and more asking God to forgive me for passing up opportunities to share the gospel. I am tired of letting Him down and I am sure He is too.

A few weeks ago, my 14 year old daughter and one of her friends got saved and they are supposed to be getting baptized tomorrow morning. Her friends parents do not attend church. She rides with us to pretty much every service and every church function. I have invited her parents to church and we have talked in general about our beliefs but I have never asked them point blank if they were saved. Their daughter does not want to get baptized and was not going to come to church tomorrow because of it. So I called her mom and asked if I could come over and talk to her. By the way, we were friends before our children were and have worked together for about 6 years now.

So, I talked to her and her husband about the baptism first. From there I was able to turn the conversation towards them. I asked them if they knew for sure where they would spend eternity. They both said that they were saved so I asked them to tell me what it meant to be saved. They really didn't answer the question. So I went through the good person test with them. I asked them if God were to judge them by the ten commandments if they be innocent or guilty. I asked them if they would go to heaven or hell. I explained to them what God did so that we wouldn't have to go to hell. I explained repentance and faith. We talked for well over an hour. I also talked about the fruit of a believer and I encouraged them to read I John. At the end of the conversation they both said they were "alright with God". Please pray for this family!

Thank you for posting these challenges and encouraging us to be more bold in sharing our faith!

Fish With Trish said...

Hi Wendy, Praise the Lord for your boldness. So glad to read this!

Sam said...

Way to go Michelle!! Keep up the great work!

As a father of two young daughters, I was so blessed to read of Michelle and her Dad witnessing together!! My girls are only 4 years old at the moment, and I'd give anything to be able to labour alongside them in the work of the Lord.

The closest we have got so far is at the airport, about 12 months ago, she turns to the man sitting next to us and says: “If you don’t love God when you die you’ll go to hell with the devil”. Way to go!

To God be all the glory!

AlwaysGrateful1 said...

Hello Trish!

I am so grateful for this site. I am currently taking a Gospel Class at my church where we are learning to share our faith. We practice doing "Out of Comfort Zone" exercises with others and role play with each other.
It's great practice however, I still freeze when speaking to a complete stranger. Our class planned an outreach to the UC Berkeley campus on Saturday. My first thought was "no way I have other things to do". In addition, the thought made me break out into a sweat! I spoke to the Pastor who leads the class and as I was expressing my fear to him I suddenly said...so I know I need to go and canceled my other plans for that day.

I have a fear of intellectual conversations with others especially on a UC campus. Sure enough we ran into a few.

I learned that if I let God take care of the conversation He will give me the words to say. Or my brothers and sisters in Christ that were there with me would step in as they were led.

I remind myself that my comfort should never be an issue (although a true emotion that so many experience) I am reminded of the tremendous cost for this precious free gift of salvation that we have!

That is where I am learning to keep my focus...on the cross.

Developing skills and using the tools from the Gospel class, on this site, and The Way of The Master material has strengthened me to step out in faith.
I also love to encourage others to do the same.
If we encounter Christians, I ask them to also go out as we are commanded and share the Gospel...our free gift with others and give them a few tracts to give to someone else.

Sharing my faith has strengthened my walk with our Lord and Savior tremendously. (I use to be a "closet Christian" a good girl but would rarely speak about Jesus) Now...it's a different story, you can't shut me up!

God Bless all of you at Living Waters for touching so many lives.

In His Service, Mary

Fish With Trish said...

Mary, thank you for sharing! This is a wonderful testimony. God bless you, sis!

FigWebDesign said...

Trish thank you so much for your encouragement! I love your passion for the Lord and the gospel!Those tracks are amazing! They help so much! I know the Lord has been helping me get out of my comfort zone little by little. He has not given us a spirit of fear... this he has to remind me often. I think of the verse:" unless the Lord builds the house the workers labor in vain". We must be led by His spirit and as we take each step he will be with us the rest of the way. Thank you so much for your ministry! What a blessing! Michelle