Saturday, May 24, 2008

He actually did it!

Augustus, from Thursday's witnessing segment on The Way of the Master Radio, came to Sovereign Joy (my church) last night!

He was really impacted and moved by the message preached by Pastor Jay and after the service was over a handful of the men from the church spent a great deal of time ministering to him.

You will be overjoyed to know that he said, "I want to live for can I not...look at all He has done for me!"

Augustus is joining us for a birthday party this afternoon and then coming along with our church evangelism team tonight at 8 pm--he has done this all on his own!!!

Last night during the service, I looked over my shoulder and noticed that he had a small ESV bible in his hands (exactly like the one in the photo here). I wondered where he got it from and then later that night someone told me how Keith (my father-in-law) bought it for him and even had his name "Augustus" inscribed on the bottom right corner!

Stay Tuned
...I hope to have some video footage to share with you in the days to come.


Wendy said...

Praise the Lord! That is wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Welcome to the family Augustus.

00 said...

That's awesome!!

Praise the Lord! :-)

Javier said...

Praise God Trish.

dede said...

Happy "born-again" Birthday to Augustus

Fish With Trish said...

Just by way of update. My step father (Keith), plus me and Emilio are still in contact with Augustus. He lives in San Antonio, TX so we referred him to a good church there. Augustus comes to our next of the woods every other week and wants to come to church whenever he is in town.