Monday, May 19, 2008

Fish with Trish- Ramos Worship "From Everlasting"

My husband and I wrote the chords and lyrics to this song...
It's called "From Everlasting".
If you would like to play this song at your church
we have provided the chords and lyrics below.


I don’t know exactly what this first chord is
but it's sort of in a C add9 formation with the index finger
on the first fret and on the E string and it's played open.
You can probably figure it out by watching the video.
We will call it a C add9 (strange chord) as in strange chord :-)


C add9 (strange chord)   (release)   G
Matchless in Your ways, You are holy
Greater is Your grace, You are holy
In righteousness You reign, You are holy,

Em         D/F#       C add9
From everlasting, You are holy,
From everlasting, You are God


G                 D           C add9         G         D           C add9
From everlasting You are holy, From everlasting You are God.

C add9 (strange chord)     (release) G
Faithful in Your ways, You are holy
Glorious to save, You are holy
In majesty You reign, You are holy

Em           D/F#           C add9
From everlasting, You are holy
From everlasting, You are God

Copyright 2008


Mark Sohmer said...

Great song!

Can I say that I think it's so sweet that a husband and wife are writing and performing praise songs to Jesus together? (I hope that's not condescending - don't mean it to be.)

In my case, my wife has a beautiful singing voice, but I have the musical talents of a broken lawnmower. :(

But here's a tip... I bet Todd Friel will like the song even better if you throw the words "diadem" or "bulwark" in there. ;)

Jessie said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing!

Angela Belt-Newcom said...

I love that! It is beautiful and you have such a lovely singing voice. :)

I am the Video Projectionist at my church and I immediately sent your song to our Worship Leader. I know she will love it and I would love to see our Praise & Worship team incorporate it into our worship.

Unknown said...

Hello! I love worshiping the Lord through music. Once my aunt asked me to learn to play this I fell in love with it and tried to learn off of watching you but you have a pull off and strange switch's. I was wondering if maybe you could send me a tab of the switch's?

If so, you can email me at jo_fletch15 AT hotmail DOT com

Fish With Trish said...

Joe, so sorry we don't have that. We sort of fake what we're doing...we're not really professionals. :-)

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.