Thursday, May 22, 2008

Daughter of Steven Curtis Chapman Killed in Accident

(Left to right Will Franklin, Maria, Steven, Shaoey, Mary Beth, Stevey Joy, Caleb and Emily)

My heart immediately sank when I heard this news. Steven Curtis Chapman is an extremely gifted musician and household name. I've been enjoying his music for many years and one of his semi-recent songs, Much of You, has made a deep impact on my soul. I am deeply saddened by this recent news. Please pray for Steve and the Chapman family in this time of mourning.


NASHVILLE, TN...5/21/08... At approximately 5pm on the afternoon of Wednesday May 21st, Maria Sue Chapman, 5 years old and the youngest daughter to Steven and Mary Beth Chapman was struck in the driveway of the Chapman home in Franklin, TN. Maria was rushed to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, transported by LifeFlight, but died of her injuries there. Maria is one of the close knit family’s six children and one of their three adopted daughters. More than five years ago, Chapman and his wife MaryBeth founded The Shaohannah’s Hope Ministry after bringing their first adopted daughter, Shaohannah, home from China. The ministry’s goal is to help families reduce the financial barrier of adoption, and has provided grants to over 1700 families wishing to adopt orphans from around the world. Chapman is a five-time GRAMMY ® winner and 54-time Dove Award winning artist who has sold over 10 million albums and garnered 44 No. 1 singles. Story courtesy of: Steve Curtis

Incredibly painful and tragic news in what was meant to be a celebratory week for the Chapman family.

“Just hours before this close knit family was celebrating the engagement of the oldest daughter Emily Chapman, and were just hours away from a graduation party marking Caleb Chapman’s completion of high school. Now, they are preparing to bury a child who blew out 5 candles on a birthday cake less than 10 days ago…” (Chapman's Manger)

"But these have been written that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that by believing, you might have life in His name" (John 20:31).


Mark Sohmer said...


I agree with you - my heart sank as well when I heard about this!

My wife and I adopted a baby girl from China (she's now 3) and so when I think of Maria Sue Chapman (adopted from China), I can't help but think of my darling baby girl.

I can't even imagine the grief that the Chapman family must be going through, especially the boy who was driving the car. I can't even imagine. We definitely should be lifting them in prayer.

I personally know of at least one family who was able to adopt a child from China due to receiving a grant from the Chapman's non-profit organization that helps people adopt orphans. Apparently their organization has helped over 1700 families adopt orphans from around the world! Praise Jesus!

If you google for Steven Curtis Chapman's personal blog, you'll find lots of videos with little Maria singing and dancing and hugging her daddy. Breaks my heart.

I for one will hug my kids extra tight tonight when I get home from work!

Hannah said...

Thanks for posting about this and letting us know. My family will be praying.

Fish With Trish said...

Wow Mark how wonderful that you and your wife adopted a child from China. That is so special. After I heard the news I immediately went to Steven's blog and saw the videos and my heart just broke. Then I noticed that Shaohannah's Hope has a Church Movement where all across the country, people are engaging their church to care for orphans by starting a fund. Maybe our church (Sovereign Joy Community Church) will start this. :-)

Fish With Trish said...

Thank you so much Hannah!

If you ever want to listen to Steven's song called "Much of You" you can find it on my myspace page at (the words are really wonderful)

pinkels said...

May God's Hand of comfort be with you and the family. I pray God's special touch and His mercy for you I pray you will find comfort from the memories you have been given from Maria forever and find peasce and know all of God's Love will prevail with you forever.
blessings bev from south africa