Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Getting lost was well worth it!

Brian was on the second segment of The Way of the Master Radio just a couple weeks ago on Jan 17th. This was the day that I took two wrong turns and wound up at The Waffle House. Of course, I know now that this was not a "wrong" turn. Getting lost that day twice, was sure worth it!

If you were listening, you remember me mentioning that Brian was reading this book when I walked up to him. He gladly wanted to be on the radio program and said I could have a seat. We talked quite a bit before and after he got off the air--I think he only had a couple of bites of his meal. It was cold by the time he was done. But he didn't seem to mind.

He openly spoke of being somewhat involved in the occult and his wife, April, was practicing wicca, heavily, for 10 years or so. He told me right as I was about to leave, "My wife would really like to be on the program--she is very opinionated--I think she would have a lot to say." "Perfect!" I responded. "Email me and I will come to her and we will put her on the air."
So, Brian, if you are reading this please shoot me an email, like you said you would, and I will take you up on the offer to put your wife (April) on the program. Here is the email where you can reach me, to set something up .
Thank you Brian, again, for your willingness to be on the radio. And if I never talk with you again, please consider the things that were said to you that day.
Listen to the full segment on The Way of the Master Radio. It starts about 20 minutes into the hour January 17, 2008 - Hour 2


Unknown said...

Yum... the Waffle House. I love that place. They just don't have them where we live :( (Freezing cold Michigan).

I have been slacking on my podcasts of WotMR because we've been so tied up in multiple Christian blogs and apologetics and Bible Study. Not that those are bad things, of course, but I like WotMR. I'll definitely have to listen to them now because in finding your blog, it looks like I found a lot of interesting things. Thanks!

Fish With Trish said...

The funny thing is, I still have not had anything to eat there yet :-) Thanks for the comment Jessie.