Friday, January 18, 2008

Could Robby Be Wrong?

I was on my way to a community college with a car full of people and I got off on the wrong freeway, twice!

Keith (video/father in law), Mary (photographer/cousin through marriage), Miriam (mother in law) and Elijah (Mary's son) were in my car and cracking up. "You're never going to make it to the community college now for the radio segment...we better just go somewhere else!" They exclaimed.

We never seem to get lost when Keith is in the drivers seat, on Thursday's (I thought to myself) I think I will let him drive next time.... :-)

Minutes later, we found ourselves at the Waffle House for last Thursday's broadcast on The Way of the Master Radio. The first segment was with Robert (Robby). He said he didn't have any thoughts about spiritual things. " will be perfect!" I explained to him. While he was on the radio he told Ray Comfort that he was an atheist. So he did have some thoughts after all.

After the show, he took a big bite of his breakfast, then looked at me and admitted, "I could possibly be wrong...I don't know everything."

After the segment I held up one of The Way of the Master DVD's, "If I gave you two episodes would you watch them?" "Sure." He replied. So, I explained. "Robby it wasn't by chance that I got lost two times today...I was headed to a different location...and the Waffle House was the furthest thing from my mind...but you were suppose to hear this message." He smiled and so did his friend, Troy. Then I added, "Please consider the things that you heard today."

Click here to listen to the full segment January 17, 2008 - Hour 1


pastorbrianculver said...

Isn't it amazing how God see's the big picture. While we are down here getting lost and confused, God has it all in his sights! Our God is an Awesome God!

Fish With Trish said...

True! I am glad God is in control. Thanks for the comment Brian.

Dawg said...

I have to listen to the podcasts a week after they are posted. I sure am thankful that you were there after Ray and Todd spoke with him.

God bless your ministry.