Monday, December 31, 2007

No problems at all!

Yesterday was a tough day. My desktop computer broke down. It wouldn't start so I had to resort to my laptop, that's on it's last leg (when I hit the power cord, slightly, it shorts out). In the midst of all this, I was listening to the ESV bible on MP3 and then the batteries died (I guess I better get with the times and get an ipod or something). Then I looked over at my adorable dog, Baby, and she was making a weird noise as if she was going to get sick...then all of a sudden I saw a big mess on the floor. She must have ate something bad.

But instead of complaining, I rejoiced at the fact that I had a laptop to resort to, that I live in a free country where I can listen to the Word freely, without persecution, and that I have enough paper towels in my kitchen to clean up my dog's mess. I am so grateful to live in America!

Then I began to think upon the fact that I am saved from Hell through the work of what Christ did on the cross. What a dreadful day it will be for those that die in their sins without Him. In actuality, I have no problems at all! Oh and by the way Baby is fine :-)


For His Glory said...

That is too funny. Sorry all that had to happen to you. Thanks for your blog, Trish, it has been a blessing to me.

ED SOTO said...

That is a great attitude Trish. Amen "In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:18 - Ed

Melissa's Life said...

That is so funny Trisha! I hope baby is doing Better. I miss her!!

Ryan Gill said...

Your focusing on God and his mercies and blessings even when everything falls apart like that... that rocks Trish! What an encouragement!

ps: iPods are pretty cool! 80 gig for only $250? or 8 gig for $200? not bad... ;-)

Fish With Trish said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! They are a huge blessing.

Here is an update...Baby my dog is much better now :-) and I rigged my labtop so that it works plus my work computer (from the minstry is up and running). As an added bonus, I think a friend is going to give me an iPod. I am excited about this--no more batteries.

Fish With Trish said...

By way of an update, I now have an i-pod and it is great!