Thursday, June 19, 2008

"You caught us a little off-guard, but you couldn't have come at a better time!"

Michael was a Jewish young man that has been taught to reject the Messiah, Jesus. Ironically, Michael was read a portion of Isa. 53 on the radio by Todd Friel today on The Way of the Master Radio. Michael was convinced that Isa. 53 had to be coming from the New Testament, he was surprised to learn that it was not.

Witnessing to the Jewish community is always a treat because they know the 10 commandments and they're likely to understand their transgressions before Yahweh. Our prayer for Michael is that he would come to embrace Jesus as his Messiah and long awaited King.

After I got back home, from the Southlake Town Center, this email was in my inbox and I thought I would share it with you. It was written to me by Molly (the young girl (left) wearing a pink shirt).


It's of the girls that was friends with that Jewish guy you interviewed today in Southlake! I just wanted to say I think it's really cool what you're doing. You caught us a little off-guard, but you couldn't have come at a better time! Some girl in Barnes & Nobles, where we were walking from, randomly went up to my friend Mike and said, "I know it sounds really random, but God really values you." Not to me. But him. I thought that was so cool and I told her so, even though Mike said, "Yeah, that's cool" kind of dismissively (he thought she said 'guy' instead of God and didn't really understand her.) So we went around looking for her after I figured out he misheard her to apologize to her and explain what happened. But anyway, I wish you luck with the radio show! And now, me and my friends have a great story to tell! Me and my two friends are all different religions, and I wondered if they'd disagree with what you were saying because I'm not sure on Judaism's views on evangelism and I know Catholics don't really approve of it (that's what my friend Lindsay is). But anyway, yeah, that's all I have to say. God moves in mysterious ways. God bless you!


You can listen to the radio broadcast here!


Mark said...


As I am a Jewish Christian myself, I look forward to hearing this witnessing encounter with great interest, and will pray for Michael. I know where he's coming from.

I'm typically a week or so behind in my podcasts, so it might be a few days before I hear this one, but it gives me something to look forward to! Or I'll just skip ahead and listen to this episode today... :)

in Christ,


LivingForHim said...

Hey Trisha,

Wow, awesome... The interview seemed to go really well and, as I you can guess, when I heard that you found a Jewish guy to witness to, my heart really went out to him. And what a neat thing that the Lord seemed to be working on him even before through the comments of another. And what a blessing that that girl actually e-mailed you after the interview! I hope that provided yet another opportunity to share with her! Thank you so much for sharing.

Melanie said...

I JUST listened to this now, and from what I understand its fairly common that jewish people think that Isa 53 is from the new testament! Its amazing. :) I am just catching up on my podcasts today and enjoying every minute. Thank you Trish for posting this! Have a happy 4th.