Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A bit of TRIVIA plus a good springboard for the Gospel....

Do you know who William Henry Harrison is?

Here's a few hints: He lived from 1773-1841 and was born Berkeley plantation, Charles City County, Virginia. His nick name was "Old Tippecanoe"; "Old Tip". He married Anna Tuthill Symmes in 1795.

Still no clue who this man is?

Answer: William Henry Harrison was the 9th President of the United States of America(1841). William served the shortest time of any American President -- only thirty-two days! He also was the first President from the Whig Party. He had won his nickname, "Old Tip," as the tough commanding general of American forces who defeated hostile Native Americans at the Battle of Tippecanoe in the Ohio River Valley in 1811. He had become ill after delivering his inaugural address outdoors in the cold March weather without a hat or a coat and died of a respiratory infection, probably pneumonia. He was the first President to die in office. Harrison's grandson, Benjamin Harrison, would become President of the United States in 1889.

It's a great lead-in to a gospel message. All you have to ask is, "Who was the 9th President of the United States? Most people have no clue. Give them the answer and then say, "Did you know he only served ONE month as President before he died?" It goes to show, 25 out of 25 people die and you never know when your time is up. What do you think happens when you die? Do you consider yourself to be a good person?"

Special thanks to Mark Sohmer for the idea.


Leon Brown said...

You don't mean 25 out of 25 people die, but 32 out of 32.


Fish with Trish said...

How's 33 out of 33 die! :-)

Robert Tewart said...

Hey Trish, I've been to Berkely Plantation in Virginia. It's gorgeous and the history is rich! There's so much more to that place. Look it up if you're a history buff. --Rob OH. and nice icebreaker!

Fish with Trish said...

Thanks Rob!