Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Karen if you had one question to ask God what would it be?"

Karen, a sweet girl with a very sensitive conscience was on Hour 2 of The Way of the Master Radio. It seemed as if she and her boyfriend, Enrique, were very open to the gospel but simply lacked understanding and of course, regeneration.

Before the radio program I asked her, "Karen if you had one question to ask God what would it be?" Without hesitation she replied, "What will happen after death?"

I have found that this simple question is a great springboard to talk about the afterlife especially if they respond like Karen did and contrary to the mundane thoughts of our culture, it causes people to consider their transient nature.

After the program, Karen said, "I learned some new things today." "Like what?" We inquired. "Like how God can forgive no matter what, but you just have God to forgive you and mean it."

So we asked, "What do you think about what Jesus did on the cross 2000 years ago?"

"I think that was something brave that he did." She responded.

We went through the 10 commandments again so that Enrique could hear what she heard and by the time we asked him if he had ever looked with lust, his mouth was wide open--he seemed to see the seriousness of violating God's holy law.

Then we explained to them the good news that Christ is their only hope and that He is their only means to be forgiven before a just and holy God that He died on the cross 2000 years ago to pay the penalty that sinners deserve and that if they repent and trust in Him they will be saved.

"What do you need Christ to save you from?" We asked them. "From Hell." They responded.

We encouraged them to think about how long eternity is and to cling to Christ as if their life depended on it--because it does.

Before we departed ways I showed them the Million Dollar Bill tracts and the Pink and Blue tracts (my favorite). See their faces in the last two photos they really enjoyed these tracts.

I gave Karen a hug and they thanked us several times for stopping them. "God bless you guys...God bless you guys!" Enrique called out as we walked away.

We pray that they will come to know Christ and if it's God's will for the two of them to remain together as a couple we pray that there would be salvation for both of them and that their lives would be built upon the Rock of ages who is worthy to be praised!

You can listen to the radio broadcast here!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet couple, and I heard the broadcast -- Karen is a sweet girl and I think the Holy Spirit is definitely working on her heart to receive the Gospel.

Will pray for them.

Thank you for the great work you're doing, Trish! Just want to let you know also that I put up a banner to your site on my blog. May more come to know about your wonderful ministry.

God bless!

LivingForHim said...

Hey Trisha,

Praise God! What great responses you got yesterday! It seems like your time was very fruitful

Fish with Trish said...

Thank you Sicarii for words of encouragement and for adding one of my banners to your blog--means a lot to me :-)