Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What place is God at in your life? A PK tells us her thoughts...

Meet Kimberly, a pastors kid. She's a student at Tarrant Community College and was on The Way of the Master Radio last Thursday. She believes that God is in the passenger seat--right next to her and that He shouldn't be in the drivers seat (that would give him too much control). Want to hear more? Click HERE the segment starts at the 20 minute mark.


dede said...

hi trish,

when i "clicked" on the link to listen to "A PK TELLS US HER THOUGHTS..." i was unable to find the "correct" broadcast.

i tries to find it but no luck. can u post the correct broadcast as i know a couple of pk's that live like "hell's angels" (lol, but nevertheless sad)

as a women myself, i glean from your style to help me share the gospel out in the world.

thank u, dede

Fish with Trish said...

Thanks Dede for find this. It has been corrected!

dede said...

thank u trish for fixing the site regarding pk girl.

i appreciate your ministry sooooo
much. it gave me "goose bumps" listening to her. and not just the pk kids but anyone who has never heard the Gospel message plain and the way of our Master.

Psalm 18:2,

captain howdy said...


You ask if God's in the driver's seat in my life?

Actually, as an atheist I'd have to say he's in the trunk.