Friday, April 4, 2008

His middle name must be "Postmodern"

This is David from Hour 1--yesterday on The Way of the Master Radio. If you were listening, you would have thought his middle name was "Postmodern". David was quick to get off the phone with Todd Friel because he "had to get to class" but you'll be happy to know I think it was because he was pricked by the law.

He stayed around long enough to tell me that "Hell would be the worst place for anyone to go." So I explained, "We don't want you to go there David...that's why we are doing this." He listened and I told him about what Christ did on the cross so that sinners can go free.

Look at his face when I showed him the pink and blue tracts (he just lit up sorry we didn't get any close ups of that).

I guess he didn't have to run so quick to class after all. :-)

To listen to the entire segment click HERE the segment starts at the 40 minute mark.


Becc@ said...

Oooh, talking to "postmodern" people is almost as fun as banging your head into the wall! :P
Thanks for posting the pic's, they were fun to look at! Praying that God will give the increase! :)

Fish with Trish said...

Thanks for praying!