Saturday, April 5, 2008

“Still Growing” by Kirk Cameron

Here's how Kirk Cameron describes his life during the peek of his fame in his new autobiography:

"I received 10,000 letters per week, mostly from girls who wanted to meet me, touch me, marry me. I had a fan club that sent out a variety of keepsakes—photos, Tshirts, buttons, even a pillowcase with my picture just the right size for girls to kiss my fabric-y likeness as they drifted off to sleep. Weird.

Wherever I went people catered to me. Limousines carted me off to the next gig. Waiters comped my meals. Flight attendants whispered, “Mr. Cameron, why don’t you come with me?” and escorted me to first class. Once off the plane, people laid down a red carpet and greeted me on the tarmac with military-like fanfare.

When I arrived at a party, everyone sat up and took notice. The room buzzed with not-so-quiet whispers: “Isn’t that Kirk Cameron?” The adoration was obvious in the body language, facial expressions and eagerness of those around me. All of it baffled me beyond belief. I was in the midst of a phenomenon I felt I had no hand in creating.

I had everything the rest of the world craved—money, fame, fortune, any girl I wanted. I admit, I liked that part. What 16-year-old guy didn’t want girls to melt when he walked in the room? And I certainly wasn’t complaining when Domino’s Pizza offered me a million bucks to be their ad boy.

If I didn’t have something, it was only because I didn’t want it. I was a devout atheist, livin’ large, hanging out with the beautiful people."
Now flash forward to his conversion experience where at the age of seventeen he came to know Christ through the family of a friend. Kirk explains:

"A month after my first visit to her church, I dropped my friend off at her acting class in the San Fernando Valley. As I pulled away, something flashed through my mind: I’m part of the ultimate statistic: 10 out of 10 people die. I’m going to die one day. If it were to happen in the next 10 minutes—if I were to get in a car accident and die—what would happen to me? The thought overwhelmed me. I felt smaller than a speck of sand."

That's just a teaser...
you'll have to BUY the book to read the rest. :-)
You can also visit Tim Callies' website to read his review of Kirk's book today.

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Rakell J said...

I Can't wait, this looks great, I just love Kirk! a childstar gone right, how refreshing