Monday, March 31, 2008

Hour 1 with an Associate Professor of English

These photos are of Christine Hubbard, Associate Professor of English at Tarrant Community College from last Thursday's fishing segment on The Way of the Master Radio. She said that she has been "born again" but then on and off the program she told Ray Comfort, Todd Friel and myself similar things. She doesn't "believe certain parts of the Bible" nor in a "literal Hell." Yikes! To say the least, we had to agree to disagree.

You can listen to the full segment HERE it starts at the 40 minute mark.


Dawn said...

How do you get up the courage to just go up to people you don't know and start talking to them?

tank said...

Oops, you have Friday's link on there. The segment was on Thursday:
Wow, I would definitely choose a hell where I would just cease to exist! I have such a hard time grasping Heaven where I will be completely sanctified. Eternity of the unknown is so much more scary than the idea of POOF, gone.

Fish with Trish said...

Thank you tank for catching that error. We will make the change on the link! :-)