Monday, January 19, 2015

Fishing With Trish...

An older couple sat down at the table next to my friend and me while we were in the food court of the mall. I gave them a gospel tract, and my friend asked them where they went to church. “Nowhere,” the older lady said somewhat defiantly. “My step-father was a Christian minister, and some bad things happened when I was growing up, so I just left that all behind.” 

My friend wasn’t deterred and said, “Do you believe in heaven and hell?”

She said she believed in heaven, and that hell is here on earth.

“What about Hitler, where did he go?” my friend asked. She said, “He’s in one of the different levels of heaven working things out.”

“You know the ultimate statistic is that 10 out of 10 people die,” my friend said. The lady laughed in agreement. “And then you’ll have to stand before God. Do you consider yourself to be a good person?”

“No, I’m not a good person,” she said. What a surprise response; most people proclaim their own goodness.

My friend then proceeded to take her through the Law and the Gospel. She listened to everything intently, never once objecting.

Then I gave her The Biggest Question DVD. My friend asked her if she would watch it and then email her thoughts to her, good or bad. She said that she would, but people tell us that a lot and we don’t hear from them.

Not this time though. Two days later, my friend got this email:


Remember the two ole folks you talked to at the mall on ? ( I can't remember what day it was LOL. ) Any how, I'm emailing you, as promised, to give you my opinion about what I think was the message in your DVD.

It's really everything I was taught, and learned when I was activaly going to Church.

It was a very well thought out, and presented point of view.

Thank you for sharing.

Dr. Sharon ******, Ph.D

My friend replied with:

Hi Sharon,

Yes, I definitely remember you and your husband.

Thank you for emailing me your thoughts on the video like you said you would.

You are true to your word, just like God is. 

My prayer is that you will consider the things you were taught once again. I don't know what bad experiences you had in the church, but hope you won't "throw the baby out with the bathwater" as they say. 

Best wishes,

Our encounter with Sharon and her husband happened last Wednesday. My prayer is that now that she has heard the gospel twice in a span of two days that she will realize that it was not a coincidence she sat down next to us, and really will consider what she’s heard and then of course repent and believe. Appreciate your prayers for Sharon and her dear husband.

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Sydney Weaver said...

Sure sounds link Sharon was pricked by the video and I believe she will make a decision to follow Jesus!