Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wonderful Idea!

My assistant saw this posted on Facebook the other day:
"I used the phone book this year to send some Christmas cards with the Gospel to strangers."
What a wonderful idea!
What sort of things have you done during Christmas, or any time of the year, to share the Gospel? I’m always up for trying something new for the sake of the Gospel, and if I use your idea I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. :-)

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Sydney Weaver said...

A few ideas around Christmastime!

I made up a colorful flyers that gives a brief idea of where the Salvation Army came from (it's founder) and I also included a little write up about where the 'bell ringers' got their name. So it's always so fun...and easy to ask the bell ringers if they know about the founder of the Salvation Army and then give them a flyer. Also, opportunity to pray for them, see if they know the Lord! Oh...on the back of the flyer, it gives the plan of salvation.

Another I bought the tiny stockings (from Michaels or grocery store) and I put a few items inside, and always a small track of some sort with the word and sent them all over the States. A little, inexpensive gift idea if you will....good response to that!

Looking 'forward' to new years, I send out a little encouragement card, that again, has the Word of God to encourage folks to what God has for them. People are used to getting Christmas cards, so I give New Year cards I make :)