Friday, December 26, 2014

Fishing With Trish...

Question: I want to share the gospel and still be a biblical woman. How do I do both? 

Answer: One of the greatest signs of being born again is to have the desire/boldness to speak the Word of God and to tell others about his glorious Gospel (Acts 4:31). A biblical woman is a woman that shares the good news of the Gospel with her family members, her children and the lost in general. There is no distinction. You can't be a biblical woman and not talk about the Gospel. The Gospel is at the very center of a biblical woman. 

Now don't get me wrong, she is not to shirk her responsibilities at home for the sake of "hitting the streets". Her home should be in order - it is her main responsibility to manage (Titus 2:3) - but she can certainly incorporate sharing the Good News in various ways without neglecting her duties at home by handing out tracts as she runs errands, preaching the gospel to the telemarketer, talking about the Gospel as she rises and walks along the way with her children, joining the church door-to-door evangelism team once a month or the weekly street ministry, visiting old folks at a local retirement facility and sharing the good news, and the list can go on and on. Note: all of this presupposes that your husband is okay with you going out door-to-door, on the streets with a team, etc. If he is not, then honor him. There are plenty of other ways to be a gospel witness (namely, passing out tracts as you go along your way running errands and as you teach your children the ways of God). Remember that Jesus' Great Commission to preach the Gospel and make disciples throughout the world was given to the entire church. So, Go! Share your faith; one soul at a time.  

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