Monday, December 24, 2012

A Poem To Baby...

"I hope this is an encouragement for human Christians to have an attitude like Baby. I do not mean that Dogs can be Christians, but if they could, Baby exemplified how Christians ought to behave when it comes to the Gospel." - John C.

An ode to Baby:

She was like we should be
as Christians faithfully-
following our master always ready
to give an answer to those who ask
to share the good news is a joyful task
Baby was always ready to follow Trish
it was her only wish to server her master
as she went out to fish.
She wore her custom made vest with pride
all sorts of tracts and DVDs stuffed inside
and she always had a smile on her face
as she with her master tried to keep pace
her feet were ready to bring good news
the time was always right- she would never refuse
to follow her master, whether day or night
she never was fearful, never controlled by fright
because in her master was her full trust and faith
and this she demonstrated by her happy face
she was never downcast- never made an excuse
always ready to go, always ready to be used.
So when you are tired, and don't feel like going
or when you are fearful, and don't feel like sowing
Just remember Baby, and how she always was ready to go
till the day of her death, because she didn't know.
All she knew was how to follow and obey
she didn't say "wait- I have to pray"
about this task Christians are all commanded to do
she was willing to be used by her master- and so should you
Trust in the power of Jesus to see you through
as you obey Him, out of love serve Him, and GO!
to seek and save the lost like your Master did. 

-John C.

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