Friday, November 5, 2010

Reformation Day Outreach Pics (God bless all of you for your faithfulness to the Gospel)

We did a Reformation Day lesson with our children in children's church on Sunday.

We pinned the 95 theses on the church door and we colored a picture of Martin Luther pinning the theses on the door.

The kid's had a great time and learned about the reformation.

Stephanie Catoe
Fresh Spring Baptist Church

Hi Trish!

Here's our pic. It's my daughter with our bowl of tract / candy bags. We live in Illinois. We had a record 9 trick-or-treaters this year (last year we had 5!) but that didn't stop us. The next morning my husband and son put the leftover candy and tracts into door hanger bags and put them on doors around the neighborhood--the same thing we did last year. When someone is standing outside to receive it, they are delighted to receive a door hanger bag full of candy and more importantly they're getting the gospel!


My daughter Anabelle Collins handing out Halloween million dollar bill tracts. She handed out tracts everyone she got candy from. She also helped me pack our ziplock bags full of candy and tracts. It was awesome! - Adam Collins

My precious friend, Sarah (below), passed out candy and tracts on Reformation Day. Isn't she adorable. Sarah and her family used to attend Sovereign Joy but they moved to another state recently and they are missed. Sarah was one of my students in Sunday School. Miss you all very much! Trish

"Last night Sarah passed out gospel tracts attached to the candy for the trick-or-treater's that came to our door. Thought you would appreciate that. " Gina (Sarah's mom)

Voice of the Martyrs sends tracts on balloons to 'closed' countries... So we tried 135 of them. In Lockhart, Texas. -Imran Acosta

A short clip (below) of Reformation Day. Over 200 kids came. "We did illusion cards and the Death Beth cards (for the teens) and gave out 8 big bags of candy it was a lot of fun. We might have to try something different than illusion cards next year a lot of them remember from the last couple of years, so they spoiled the trick :)." Melissa,

I have to admit I always tried to focus on the lighter side of Halloween, but this year when I took my children to their weekly story hour at the Library of coarse all the books they read were about ghosts and witches and haunted houses. I sat their watching my children being desensitized right before my eyes. (Broke my heart, but made me realize that IS what the holiday is about) I watched the video that Todd F. posted on the Wretched page showing a letter from a man named Aric basically explaining that we should hate evil because God hates evil also that church festival's can send a message to our kids that the holiday must be important if we make an excuse to participate. This made sense to me, but I had already signed up to run a booth at the Fall Festival at our church so I decided not to back out and go. I have to say that it really did glorify God. My particular booth, I had a bag of prizes and a bag of candy and after the kids played the game they could pick what they wanted. I also had a stack of Bibles, I can't tell you how many kids dressed in the worst scariest, (really saddest) costumes came into our event with no parents even there and I watched them one after another picking Bibles for their prizes. We had parents that brought small children and we had a costume contest and of coarse the parents that came dressed up were not saved and they won the contests. Winning movies like Left Behind and Fireproof and kids winning veggie tales and other movies about God. It was really neat to see. If we didn't do that, we wouldn't of got to share the Light of Christ to people who would other wise never set foot inside a church on a really dark holiday. Love in Christ~ Misty

Hi Trish, We had a Fall Festival at our Church building field on Sunday...This has been one of the neatest events I put together. I actually had been making plans for years to do something like this and it finally came to pass. We had at least 10 people volunteering at our tent, different times. I invited people from the church that showed an interest in evangelism, specifically, to be part of this. Some of the items I used were the illusion poster (the one with Einstein looking at you and trivia questions on it), Darwin books that were forwarded by Ray Comfort, the evolution banner in the background, lots of tracts, and the Lie Detector. The Lie Detector and illusion poster provided an opportunity for people to ask questions while they were looking at our table. The questions led to conversations about the Gospel. Some of the volunteers at the booth were new to evangelism, and it was so inspiring to me to see them sharing the Gospel with visitors to the tent. They were ecstatic and encouraged to realize that they could do it. And I was encouraged as well. So we were able to share the Gospel with different people on this Reformation Day. Another interesting thing we did was to take some tracts and attach them to helium balloons and let them go in the air. Some of them I attached the tracts to a little plastic parachute man and sent the parachute man with the tract in the air. They went into the sky and we never saw them again, but I know helium balloons only last for a few hours. It would be really interesting to see where they landed! Our pastors thanked us for the booth. I don’t know that that was what they had in mind originally when they were planning on having evangelism be part of the hospitality tent (we actually got a tent of our own to use). There were a lot more visitors there than what I thought would be. The tracts were a hit too. One day when we are all in eternity, will we see the results of what we did that day. And we had fun doing that event, as well. This event took place in Casselberry, Florida. Susan Seifert In the 2 pictures of the tent, the people in the first picture (Fall Family Festival-October 31-2010) are Me (in the orange shirt) Janelle (in the white shirt) and Anne Marie (in the blue shirt). The little girl is Savannah, and I don’t remember the little boy’s name. They were both children of Brian, a volunteer at the booth. In the second picture (Fall Family Festival Pic 10-31-10) is my mom, Estella, helping set up the tent, along with Savannah. In the pic with the balloon, the people were visitors, and I didn’t get their names.

Hi Trish, my family gave out nearly 150 Gospel tracts on Reformation day. I am so proud of our six year old daughter who passed out many tracts both at our door and to our neighbors homes we trick or treated. I was able to pass out tons of Halloween Millions on the neighborhood streets. Celebrity Millions were used when we ran out of Halloween Millions. This was our first year passing out tracts on Reformation Day. This was a very good and probably often overlooked day to get the Gospel to many. Thanks Darren Anderson


River Glorious said...

Hello, Beloved of God. :)

I used to close my doors and just stay in the bedroom with my children on halloween night, but one year decided that "this is the day that the Lord has made" and that I would not let this wonderful day be hijacked by my preconceived beliefs of what a Christian should do, nor "hide" either.

So, I went to the bookstore, bought Christian coloring books and tracks for their parents. Now I greet any child who comes to my house, tell them that the Lord Jesus Christ loves them so much, give them candy, yes, but a coloring book and sticker, and a track to the parent. Sometimes I can give out Gospels of John when funds permit.

Just wanted to touch base with you all.

JesusFaithful&True said...

Grace to you! We had a wonderful Reformation Day outreach - we reformed Halloween into Christmas!
We had about a dozen people that were separated into five groups. Each group went 'tract and treating' on the same route about 10 minutes apart. Each group used Scripture in their presentation at a door. The first group was Joseph and Mary looking for a place in Bethlehem. The second group was an angel announcing the birth of Christ and a few of the heavenly host saying "Glory to God". The next were the shepherds telling them the good news. The next group were the Magi coming to worship Jesus. And lastly was an adult who said he was the director of our church's Christmas program and had they seen anyone from his group? He then handed the person a tract in an invite to our church. The candy we collected was donated to a food pantry (we put the name of the pantry on the collection bags and some people gave more candy because of it). It was well received from most people and I'm sure a Halloween night they will never forget to the praise of God's name.