Monday, November 15, 2010

Mr. Nice Guy Trailer - a really cool idea (let me know if you ever have an event and want to apply to use it)

Ray Comfort talked about this Trailer on his newsletter last week but I didn't put two and two together (that I know the owners) until my friend Mike Owens emailed me tonight. Here's what he wrote:

Tim Crawford and I have this new trailer for you (or anyone you know of) to use for special events. It's especially good if there's children there. Carnivals, sporting events, church events, etc...Our goal is to comfortably bring "Are You A Good Person" with Mr. Nice Guy (Kirk Cameron and David Jeremiah) to as many kids, teens and parents as possible. It's a 22' fully enclosed trailer. Carpeted walls and floor. Projector and Bose sound system with 6' screen. Seats 18. (We've had as many as 25 packed in several times) We can take the trailer just about anywhere - and it has its own generator for places with no power. Thanks Mike."

Mike told me that, "One little boy watched it 5-6 times and kept coming back asking to watch it again." And then the following day they had another boy watch it 7 times and wanted the DVD so he could show it to ALL HIS FRIENDS!!"

If you haven't viewed the video, click on the highlighted portion. It's only 6 min and 18 seconds.

If you have an upcoming event and would be interested in possibly using the trailer, please email me at (email [at] include the following: your full name, what the event is, what church you attend, what city you live in and how many kids you expect to attend the showing of the film. And in the subject line type: Mr. Nice Guy Trailer.


Charlene said...

This is such a great idea, wish our church had an event at which to use it. Mr Nice Guy is really attractive to children--I know mine have watched it too many times to count and still beg me to play it for them! Of course adults love it too. The Gospel message is short but thorough and the cartoon format makes it non-threatening.

Brother Frankie said...

cool stuff.. in florida we would be cooked in it with the sun and the heat..