Monday, February 15, 2010

Update on Baby Sue & Some Fun Pictures

A friend, Shannon D. from the U.K., did some fun graphic work
and sent me these pics. The first picture on our right is of
Baby's new toy. She tore the nose off the first day.

She's on T.V.

Thanks Shannon for sending these. They brightened my day.

Here's a recent picture of Baby on the sofa next to Emilio.
She is doing really well. It's been over 2 months now since we found
out that she has cancer and she is responding wonderfully to her meds.
She really looks like she's suffering, doesn't she. :-)

Shannon sent me the below this morning (thought I'd add them to the post)

Baby is officially everywhere: on T.V. on coins... :-)


ExPatMatt said...


I'm very glad to hear that Baby's doing well.



Fish with Trish said...

I appreciate that. Thank you.

TAR said...

I have prayed for Baby, so glad she is hanging in..I think it is your burned pizza .