Monday, February 15, 2010

It’s not what it looks like

When I first was hired at Living Waters, I carpooled with Jaylene - a friend and co-worker – each day to the ministry. We traveled a long distance -from Riverside, CA to Bellflower, CA - about a 42 mile drive. Sometimes it could take us up to 3 hrs just one way.

Back in 2005, Jaylene and I decided to stay a bit late at the ministry to avoid some of the rush hour traffic. As we drive home through a rather high-crime area, we took a few moments to slow down and hand some Million Dollar Bill tracts through the car window to some youths on the side of the road.

Seconds later and after we had pulled away, a police car pulled up behind us and flashed its headlights. I looked over at Jaylene and said, “That's strange...we weren't speeding or anything...I wonder what's wrong.”

We quickly pulled over and waited. All of a sudden we realized that we had approached the young people at night in a gang-infested area (which of course isn't the wisest things for two ladies to do).

“Jaylene, it probably looks like we're dealing drugs or something. For one, it's late at night.” I explained.

“And it doesn't exactly look good when money is passed out of a car in a drug-ridden area." I added.

“And to top that, these guys look like gangsters…” I told her.

“Oh no, you’re right!” Jaylene agreed, putting one hand over her mouth.

When the officer came to Jaylene’s window, I leaned over so that he could see me and said, “It might not be what you’re thinking it looks like, sir! In fact, you’re probably going to think we’re crazy.”

“Those guys need to hear about Jesus and we were giving them gospel tracts!” Jaylene explained to the officer.

Then Jaylene, handed him a Million Dollar Bill tract and showed him the Curved Illusion tracts, he smiled and said, “You’re showing the wrong person. I’m already saved.”

We were taken by surprise. He was a brother in Christ, and he didn’t stop us because of what we were doing, but because our license plate light wasn’t working. Upon leaving, we handed him a stack of tracts and encouraged him to witness.


Anonymous said...

So, because he was a GCBPO (Good Christian Brother Police Officer), no rear light citation?

Fish with Trish said...

Anytime, I've ever been stoped for my rear light or a head light out, etc. I never got a ticket. Guess there are many GCBPO's out there.

So Abe, it seems like you've been on a blog a lot lately. How'd you hear about it?

Anonymous said...

Fishin' for conversation, Trish.
Ran across Mr. Comfort and his followers, and honestly find his work dangerous.
I feel compelled at times to let some know that their beliefs are fine, but to condemn and criticize others for their beliefs that differ is unsettling.
I'm a Deist and hopeful for a peaceful world.
Religion (esp. Christian) has seemed historically the most dangerous attribute of man.

Fish with Trish said...

"Religion (esp. Christian) has seemed historically the most dangerous attribute of man."

Can you explain what you mean by "dangerous attribute of man"?

Anonymous said...

More people have killed or been killed in the name of God, esp. in the name of the Christian God.
From the Crusades to the Holocaust in Europe (yes, Hitler used Christianity to persued his following), to America's witch burnings to KKK to Evangelical Pat Robertson's hateful remarks (I can't believe he was even an American Presidential canidate), it saddens me to see people like Mr. Comfort condemn scientific thought, even though it was not theorized to dispute religious beliefs... science is based on the natural laws we have discovered. Discoveries that through history have conflicted with religious beliefs of their time; from Gallileo and the Pope, Darwin and the Christian church.. if it wasn't for Ben Franklin's lightning rods on church steeples we might still be burning witches, blaming them for striking down God's houses.
Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, Willy Wonka, whoever you find as a guiding light n' friend, great! Live n' Love Life. Peace.

Debunkey Monkey said...

"I feel compelled at times to let some know that their beliefs are fine, but to condemn and criticize others for their beliefs that differ is unsettling."

Sometimes it's warranted. After all, we would all condemn and criticize Hitler's beliefs, right? Congratulations, you've just been Goodwin'd!

Seriously, although I agree that condemnation is inherently destructive, criticism is often constructive and healthy.

Best wishes!

Heath The Blogless said...

Abe the comment you made “More people have killed or been killed in the name of God, esp. in the name of the Christian God.” is a huge generalization. Being a man of Science could you please provide your source of Data for this. Data like how many people have ever been killed in war and in other ways. How many of them where killed in the name of God. I can think of atrocities that have no association to the Christian God. Pol pot, Mao Zedong for example.

Also was that person just using the name of God as a tool to meet his own ends, or was he misguided in there understanding of the God of the Bible?
Christianity does not teach kill those who appose you or your beliefs.

To be fare there are place in the Bible where God tells Israel to wipe out one nation or another. But this is not a blanket rule for every situation where people go against God’s will, it was only for specific situations, and if you read the full accounts it is always preceded by stop doing evil, repent of you wickedness.
An example of where one nation was spared is in the case of Nineveh. Where the prophet Jonah was sent to tell the people to repent of there sins. Jonah did not want to go as he thought the people were so wicked and they deserved to perish. But God sent him there and they did repent of there wickedness.

Anonymous said...

The atrocities set in The Americas North n' South, poor Australia... all to bless the heathens, eh?
Please Heath, such a poor excuse to spread the 'Good Word'.

Cindy Jasmine said...

okay so I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but you did it again... "Upon leaving, we HANDED GIVE a stack of tracts and encouraged him to witness"


Fish with Trish said...

Fixed it. Thanks Cindy. You're hired. :-)

I appreciate you doing this.

Anonymous said...

Thank God.
Hope we can all be without religion for a better World, Thanks Cindy.

Cindy Jasmine said...

No problem Trisha :) Usually it's easier to catch someone else's mistakes, it takes me longer to catch my own.

And Abe, I may have missed something but why are you thanking me? Is it or the same reason as Trisha?

Anonymous said...
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Abe said...
Thank God.
Hope we can all be without religion for a better World.

Right, Abe. It is going to be the best of worlds. Think of it, our Lord Jesus with the countless numbers of those He has redeemed for His own, including, I am sure, many of those "heathen" from the Americas and Australia who received the Good News (the gospel), and are eternally grateful to Jesus for saving them.

See you there, Abe?


Anonymous said...

Craig, sorry, I won't be seein' ya there... guess I'm a Heathen.

Marianne said...

Trish, Good for you and your friend for your boldness in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ even in places it may be unwelcomed. I am a little uncomfortable handing out tracts - but I am on fire in speaking the good news to anyone or anywhere the Spririt prompts me. There is nothing more that I would rather do than to bring the light of Christ to someone in darkness.

Abe is not looking to reason with you. I think some of what he said deals with things done in the name of "religion". This is not the same as true Christians who have a relationship with Christ. There is a vast difference. No one is forcing any beliefs on anyone. Even Jesus reasoned but did not compel by force. He just spoke the pure truth of eternal life. To those who have ears to hear, the message is life. To others who would argue rather than hear, it is a message of death. That is why the word of Christ divides.

God bless you, Trish.