Friday, June 26, 2009

Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in right circumstances...

Even as Christ is now invisible and unknown to the world, so are we Christians also invisible and unknown therein. "Your life," says St Paul, Coloss. iii., "is hid with Christ in God." Therefore the world knows us not, much less does it see Christ in us. But we and the world are easily parted; they care nothing for us, and we nothing for them; through Christ the world is crucified unto us, and we to the world. Let them go with their wealth, and leave us to our minds and manners. When we have our sweet and loving Saviour Christ, we are rich and happy more than enough; we care nothing for their state, honor, and wealth. But we often lose our Saviour Christ, and little think that he is in us, and we in him; that he is ours, and we are his. Yet although he hide from us, as we think, in the time of need, for a moment, yet are we comforted in his promise, where he says, "I am daily with you to the world's end;" this is our richest treasure. --Martin Luther, Luther’s Table Talk—Of Jesus Christ, CCXXIV.

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May the truth expressed by St. Paul, and commented on by Luther, become an increasing reality in your and Emilio's lives. If you have Christ, you possess the greatest treasure of all. Now it is all about becoming more like Him and representing Him to those around us.

Isn't this an amazing journey we are on?


Fish with Trish said...

It is Craig. Just yesterday I went with a couple friends to the American Idol auditions to share the gospel. It really is an adventure. I'd rather do NOTHING with my life than serve the LORD!