Thursday, February 26, 2009

He turned right to John

Dinah is the first young man that you'll see in this video who is "sort of Buddhist" and delivers donuts to local churches every Sunday but has never been witnessed to. He was on Wretched Radio last Thursday. Donovan, a mix between an atheist and Christian, was on Hour 2 and is engaged to be married, He was on his way to buy a Harley when I met up with him. Watch what happens as I hand Dinah a Bible.


Wretched said...

Wow...looks are so deceiving. Some of the best conversations I've seen are from the most scary/bizarre looking people. And Todd is probably right when he says "If you see a group of kids dressed all goth, TALK TO THEM! No one else does and they will listen."
This was awesome Trish thank you so much for your effort and time taking the video and posting these up.

mikeocantis said...

nice video Trish but I you made a little typo that you might want to fix. "Watch what happens as I (did you mean hand Dinah a Bible.")

Instead of what you posted here

"Watch what happens as I had Dinah a Bible."

sorry I am trying to help I am suprised no one said anything well it was still a great video.

Pevensie15 said...

The last few witnessing encounters on wretched have gone very well, I can't wait to see more, it helps me in my own personal witnessing encounters.