Tuesday, July 22, 2008

GOD Centered Preaching!


(ShiVeR)Curtis said...

Very good. Did your husband go to seminary? He seems to understand and know the meaning of scripture very well.
Stay faithful.

Douglas said...

Great speaker, maybe you aught not put music within the message, next time you have a video clip. also I want to be entered in that contest for the Thesis copy. Oh, Trish, Here is my blogsite:
IDOFMinistries.blogspot.com. I wish you guys would come out to NH, and do some work out here. OK< have a nice day: God Bless and Give them Jesus: Douglas TowneII
from Raymond, NH.

Fish with Trish said...

(shiver)curtis no he didn't go to seminary but he did attend a school of ministry most is self taught our other pastor (Jason Jesuroga "Jay") is a Masters Seminary Grad and is working on his PHD at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The two make a dynamic team :-)