Friday, July 25, 2008

Dave was the first person I asked to be on the air yesterday and he said, "Sure."

Dave was on hour 1 yesterday of
The Way of the Master Radio and believes that there
is a surpreme being and that Christianity isn't the only way.

You can listen to the program here July 24, 2008 - Hour 1

We departed ways quickly but he was really impressed
with Todd Friel (host of the program) and thought
that Todd was very respectable.

Dave took the tracts I gave him and thanked me for
approaching him yesterday. I pray that Dave's eyes
will be opened to the truth that is found in Christ alone!

Dave if you're reading this, please listen
to the second hour of The Way of the Master Radio.
I told Todd what you said and he responded
and some important things to you.
Here's the link it starts about 20 minutes into the program

Click HERE July 24, 2008 - Hour 2

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