Friday, June 6, 2008

"Would you like a hot donut?

Recently my flight was cancelled, and when the airline offered me a different flight they upgraded the ticket to First Class. I was pleased with this, especially since I had never been in First Class before.

I couldn't get over the great service. Before I had time to settle in and while all the others were waiting to find their seats, the flight attendant asked me if I would like a beverage. In shock, I politely declined.

Shortly after we took off, the nice attendant came back with a little glass bowl filled with cashews. I was so delighted and hungry--I could hardly wait another second to eat those cute little things. I was craving something salty. I quickly reached for the glass bowl, and in the process I burnt the tips of my fingers. I didn't think they would be hot cashews!

After devouring mine, I looked over at the gentleman sitting next to me who was fast asleep--he hadn't even touched his cashews. He's really missing out, I thought.

By now I was wanting something sweet.

The attendant came back and asked, "Would you like a hot donut?"

"Absolutely!" I exclaimed.

That's exactly what I was craving, she must have been reading my mind. She was so professional and was providing wonderful service.

With a big smile, she took the donut off the platter she was holding and extended it to me, making sure her fingers weren't touching it.

I began unraveling the white hot towel that she gave me--hoping to find a little hot donut somewhere hidden inside (this must be a new thing to keep donuts fresh) but there was nothing there!

She had asked, "Would you like a hot TOWELETTE?" She had a heavy accent so I had completely misunderstood her.

"What in the world is this for." I thought. So with the towelette in hand, I turned my head to look at what the others in First Class were doing. Surely they would know. Some were wiping their hands, others were wiping their entire faces off. I followed suite and began wiping my hands.

Minutes later she brought me a wonderful meal and then a hot chocolate chip cookie for dessert--now we're talkin!

Moral of the story...don't get first class if you don't know what you're doing!


netski said...

Yayyy... First class..

If you know the Dream center LA the Masters Commission is under them so I think they're into pentecostal belief.

Actually I go to a pentecostal church here but since I have been listening to Todd Friel, talking to my online friend who's like him too. And through reading/searching the bible of all the things that they've been saying. I really see now that what they're saying are biblically! Ya.. there are some pentecostal doctrine that I dont agree now like speaking of toungues etc.

Do you think its ok to continue to go to my church even if you don't agree with some doctrine/teaching?

RHEA said...

LOL...what a hilarious story :-) said...

I laughed outloud again at this story! I can just hear you saying, "Absolutely!"

And I just subscribed to your RSS feed. Wow-that is so cool! Now I get all your new posts on my Yahoo home page. I guess I'm behind on my technology knowledge.

I'll have to figure out how to do that on my website on day...

Fish with Trish said...

Netski, you said, "Do you think its ok to continue to go to my church even if you don't agree with some doctrine/teaching?" Good question depends, there can be small points that we can disagree with (in house debates) but if they are teaching things that are heretical, I would run for dear life. It's so important to be in a fellowship with healthy doctrine. Todd Friel wrote a few things on how to find a healthy church. It is worth the read.

Hope this helps you out.

Anonymous said...

haha funny Trish, that made me laugh. I would have been soooo disappointed to miss out on a hot donut!