Saturday, June 7, 2008

Looking For a Solid Church?

I would like to tell you about my home church, Sovereign Joy Community Church

At Sovereign Joy Community Church (SJCC) the Word of Almighty God takes precedence. Above all else SJCC believes in the supremacy of rightly dividing the Word of truth through expository proclamation. In an age of uncertainty, skepticism, and easy-believism, SJCC is committed to displaying the glory of God through the Word of God being preached and applied. SJCC is unique in its equal emphasis upon heartfelt, God-centered worship and praise. SJCC takes all of their vision for preaching, theology, and worship and applies it to practical outreach by evangelizing the lost on a regular basis.

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and are looking for a solid church that teaches the Word of God expositionally, has a high view of worship, and reaches out to the lost. Come visit Sovereign Joy Community Church. Visit HERE for more information!


Christina said...

I live in Canada BUT if I lived in Dallas - we'd be a part of SJ! It sounds incredibily God honouring!!!

Keep up the awesome work! :-)


Fish with Trish said...

Thanks Christina! God is doing a neat work out here. I appreciate your kind words.

Mark said...

Just a suggestion to FWT readers... when you visit the SJCC website, make sure you check out the statement of faith. I was very impressed with the time and care (and I'm sure prayer) that went into writing such a thorough statement of beliefs. Very well done!

Fish with Trish said...

Thanks Mark!

JesusRulzMe said...

Hello faithful sister,

I'm sorry to hear about your laptop. I understand what a snag it can be as my computer recently went "blah" as well. So, here's the email I sent you! I thought it was really quite wonderful to see this post since that's what I actually emailed you about last week:

I just wanted to let you know that Jim recently visited your church’s website and just LOVED it! I’d already visited it and wished we lived in your area so we could go to your church!

We both agreed that if we lived in your area, hands down, Sovereign Joy Community Church is where we’d be!

Miss you and hope that God will provide us some time to fellowship and evangelize together again! I know you and Emilio live pretty far away, but perhaps after I recover from my surgery, we could have you both over for dinner to get to know you better?

Blessings to you dear sister,

P.S. BTW, I posted a song I wrote a few years ago on my blog…thought you might want to read it. It’s called, “Captivated”.
I love that God already laid this on my heart!

Also, I thought it might encourage you to read "Not Merely A Better Me."

Much love to you dear sister,

Fish with Trish said...

Sunny, actually it was my desktop but I will have a replacement this Friday (Lord-willing) :-)

Thanks for checking out Sovereign Joy. I have been completely blessed to stand back and watch the Lord move in our midst.

Hope you're recovering well!


JesusRulzMe said...

Thank you precious sister, but I haven't had my surgery yet. :-)