Saturday, April 26, 2008

The very first time!

It's almost 7 am as I write from the hotel in LA. I'm about to have a nice breakfast plus prayer and then hit the streets for another eventful day of evangelism with the attendees of the Ambassadors' Alliance. Today we are headed down to Huntington Beach, where Ray Comfort open-air preaches every Saturday afternoon and the attendees have the opportunity to watch, hear and learn from Ray as he shares the Gospel with the lost. Then they will be able to put into practice what they learned.

The Academy's absolutely wonderful. As of yet my most memorable experience was at Hollywood Blvd. a young man was wrestling in his mind with wheter or not he would stand up on the soapbox and open-air preach...then with a little encouragement from his team leader and other fellow believers, he timidly walked up to the box, stood on it and then began to share the Gospel. It was as if with every word I could visually see him gaining more boldness. I stood there watched and listened as I looked around at those that watched and listened---he was doing it...he had gathered a crowd and overcame his fears--for the very first time.


Mark said...

Oh, sounds so exciting! I definitely look back at my time at Evangelism Boot Camp in NYC as life-changing, and I'm sure the Ambassador's Alliance would be the exact same way.

Being around experienced witnessers/open-air-preachers is both so very encouraging and educational.

If anyone is on the fence about attending, here's my 2 cents... GO! You'll never be the same again.

Oh, and bring some Wheatabix for Ray. He'll be nicer to you that way. ;)

Matt Johnson said...

Praise God for the first-timers! Way to go!!!!

This causes tears to well up in my see God's people exhorting one another to boldness to preach the Gospel. What a joy to hear of this young man!

Lauren said...


I watched Ray's in and out of season last night, and wow. I wish I could see him live.

Fish with Trish said...

This was a wonderful Academy. If you ever have the opportunity to it! It is something I would recommend for all Christians!