Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fish with Trish-Two Minute Tracts Tips for the Car


Mark said...


Your car is immaculate!!!

Did you just buy it?

What about the crushed up granola stuck to the carpet? The hardened french fries that fall between the seats where you can't reach them? The crumbled gasoline receipts? The broken crayon bits in the backseat? The little plastic rings that fall from your water bottle after you break open the seal on the top?

Are you human???

(Or maybe I'm just a slob.) :(

Anyhow, thanks for the tips! I already have gospel tracts in my car, but after watching your video I think I need to bring a dirt devil into my car and do some vacuuming!


Mark Sohmer
"a slob for Christ"

Lindaman Family said...

Trish, that video was great!!!! Keep them coming. After watching and being with you this past weekend at Transformed, you have inspired me so much. I have always been afraid to hand out tracts, not knowing really how to go about doing it. My husband, as you learned this weekend, loves using the tracts. As a woman I felt weird going up to people. Watching you and then your videos has motivated me. Just seeing another woman in action has helped greatly. Thank you so much!!! I am going to get my purse and van stocked up, and get out there and witness.

Stephanie Lindaman

Witness For The Master said...


Some very great tips. I am just getting started in the Evangelism arena and thought that the material you have is great. This is my first time leaving a comment on your site as I just heard about your website from a WOTM Internet broadcast last week. Hope to pick up many more tips from your site. Have a Blessed Day,


Fish with Trish said...

Mark, thanks for the kind comment :-) I try to keep my car as neat as possible. :-)

Stephanie, I am so encouraged by your words. Thanks for being a part of my blog.

Steve, thanks for finding my blog and taking the time to post a comment.

Thank you all!

LaPorte said...

Good ideas! I have a few but I think I will add more now!