Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Were Resurrection Hymns a flop?

Hymns about the Lord are never a "flop" they're glorious! But, no, we never ended up singing hymns through the streets like I had planned. So much for my bright idea. :-)
Instead, a couple of us went door to door before Easter and handed out chocolates and Gospel tracts. We had a great time! Although, we thought it strange that several families ran inside after taking one glimpse of us--guess they thought we were Jehovah's witnesses or something.

Special Thanks to the Jesuroga Family for being great sports!


Becc@ said...

AW! That was such a great idea! Thanks so much for posting about what you all did!
I'll have to pass the idea on to my Dad who's a pastor, maybe we can do it next year! :)
God Bless You for all you're doing!

(btw, that was a really cute picture!)

Fish with Trish said...

becc@ thanks so much :-)