Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fish with Trish-Two Minute Tips for Evangelism


LivingForHim said...

I was listening today to the radio show and you’d mention the new video you posted on your web-site -AWESOME! Thank you so much; I’LL PASS IT ON TO SOME OF THE OTHER SISTERS!

pastorbrianculver said...

Gee Trish, I was going to purchase a purse, but I just don't think it is too manly for me to do that!! I will have to stick with just stuffing my pockets.

BTW, great job of helping your sisters in Christ on their evangelism!

God bless you and your ministry
Brian Culver

Fish with Trish said...

Thanks livingforhim for passing this on. I hope our sisters in Christ are encouraged by this.

Pastor Brian, glad that you didn't purchase a purse :-)

Matt Johnson said...

Great video! But the purse thing just isn't working for me. What about a video for the manly men who need to know how to stock their 4x4 with tracts? How about toolbox two-minute tips?


Wonderful blog, Trish. God bless!

Fish with Trish said...

Thanks Matt!