Monday, February 18, 2008

I look back now and think that I probably said some ridiculous things from the soapbox...

"I saw your open air preaching on one of the tube web sites. What are some thing you use to spring board from....I just can't keep giving away money every time i open air preach."

I have given out Ray Comfort's Million Dollar Bill Tract to draw a crowd, it really works! I am holding them in my hand on the open-air preaching video of me in Vienna, Austria. The millions look very real, but I let the listeners know that they are fake, but they don't seem to care. People still stick around and listen. I use trivia questions and that keeps them hooked. For every question answered, whether it is right or wrong, I hand them a Million Dollar Bill Tract. This way everyone gets the Gospel message.

To be honest, I have only tried using the Millions once. I am really not an open-air pro :-) I have open-air preached three times in my entire life (up to this point). Once in Santa Monica almost 10 years ago (I have been told that I was the first woman to open-air with Ray's ministry--this was a huge honor--though I look back now and think that I probably said some ridiculous things from the soapbox). The second time I open-air preached was in a movie theatre after The Nativity Story (people applauded--I was shocked and so was my husband), and then in Vienna, Austria right after escaping from a straight jacket (for the filming of The Way of the Master). Click HERE to watch the open-air video though I think this is the one you are referring to.

Ray has a great DVD on this subject called Open Air Preaching 4-in-1. I have watched this several times.

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