Monday, February 18, 2008

E.R. Discovers the Flaw of Postmodernism

I have never watched this show before. Then on Feb 1st Hour 2, Todd Friel (Host of The Way of the Master Radio) played back the voice portion and for a second I thought that Ray Comfort wrote the script! :-)
Today, Mark Spence (Dean of sent me the video portion. I thought you might want to see it for yourself.

Here is the link to what Todd has to say on the radio. It starts about 4 minutes in:


Aduladi' said...

I actually saw this episode and was so frustrated with the "chaplain" (the female actress) and almost cheered when this scene happened.

Of course, he was just portrayed as a sick, old, mean man and she was comforted for her effort to "help" him. He was treated pathetically. I am not even sure why I watched this episode, but I was sucked in once I saw this character, LOL!

Love the website, it looks GREAT!

Mark said...

I heard this on WOTMR and loved it. But I wonder what ever happened to the man? Did anyone watch the whole episode? Did the writers have him end up learning peace with his uncertainty? If so, I'd be disappointed.

I guess what I'm asking is, did anyone see the episode and can give a synopsis of how the writers resolved this?

I don't want to have to watch an E.R. episode!!! ;)

Fish with Trish said...

Mark, I don't want to watch the whole thing either--well I don't even have T.V. to do so :-)

Also, I forgot to mention to all those that watch this sorry about some of the untaseful language in the clip.

Mark said...

Trish, there is one good reason to own a T.V., and that is to watch the THIRD SEASON of WAY OF THE MASTER!!! (Hopefully coming to a T.V. near you!) :)

Fish with Trish said...

Yes I agree Mark :-) I will be getting the DVD's as soon as they are released--can't wait for this season to come out. I think it will be wonderful.

Mark said...


Dan Phillips did a really nice job summing this episode up over on Phil Johnson's PyroManiacs blog.

You can find that right over here.

He has some interesting points, including Hollywood's inability to accurately portray a Biblical Christian.