Wednesday, January 2, 2008

3 Night Extravaganza

A group of us started a 3 Night Extravaganza of Christmas Carol Evangelism which was electric and quite cold. We began the Saturday before Christmas and it was about 25 degrees outside. We bundled up. The second night was not as chilly, so I thought, but my nose and entire body had probably lost it's feeling from the night before. :-)

Each night was such a blessing. We knocked on doors, handed out cookies and tracts and sang through the streets. My favorite part was when we broke tradition, and sang "Amazing Grace" (something I had never sang while carolling). The song echoed into the clear night sky. I practically wanted to cry--thinking about how God saved a wretch like me.

People, one by one, turned on their porch lights, some watched as they peeked through their windows while waving, others came out and offered hot coco (I should have grabbed some).

I can't wait until Resurrection Day otherwise known as "Easter." I think we will start a new tradition and call it Resurrection Hymns. We will knock on doors, pass out cookies and tracts and sing hymns about the Lord. Why don't you try it this March? Grab a few friends to go with you.

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