Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Roll with the punches...

I am always impressed with how Ray Comfort and Todd Friel are able to adapt to whoever I bring on the show for my fishing segments. They never know who they are going to witness to and it doesn't matter. They just seem to know what to say every time.

The obvious goal for each fishing segment is to find unbelievers. Which is what I always try to do. But as you can imagine, each week I face different scenarios and with limited time and living in the bible belt (everyone claming to be a "Christian") sometimes I just have to roll with the punches and put the closet person to me on the air. Speaking of roll--where you listening to the segment where I was in the cockpit of a race car and I referred to the bars inside of the cage as "crow bars" instead of "roll bars".... Silly me I even spelled it out loud, over the radio! C-R-O-W. Hilarious! I knew the correct name but apparently my brain was checked out to lunch. Later that night, I called my dad (who is a race car driver) and we both laughed about it. Of course he said I should have known better :-)
Back to the second segment of last week on The Way of the Master Radio...

Here is what happened. I saw a group of youth (as I was driving by) outside of a Pentecostal Holiness church. They were playing volleyball. We stopped the car with only about 7 minutes to spare before air time. Hoping to find someone (not a Christian) to be on the radio. I jumped out of the car and everyone, playing volleyball, stopped and came over to me.

Within seconds I was surrounded with at least a dozen people. I explained what we were doing and that's when Israel (a young man) raised his hand and said, "Sure I'll be on the show!" Then he dropped his head with a shy smile as all the youth cheered him on for his bravery.

We went inside the church because it was windy outside. After I handed the phone to Israel I went back outside to talk with all the others and to my surprise they were piled into a one single maroon Ford truck as well as gathered outside, around it. I laughed at the sight. The radio was blaring from inside the truck and now all I could hear was Ray talking to Michael (the senior pastor) and asking him, "Have you ever used the 10 Commandments while sharing your faith?"

After the show I had a captive audience and shared, with the group, why using the 10 Commandments in evangelism is so important and that no one is "good", that we have all broken the law....etc...etc. I could tell that Michael had never been exposed to anything of this sort. He was really listening.

The group huddled together and I demonstrated several tracts--they enjoyed the Curved Illusions (no surprise). I handed Michael a couple episodes from the ministry and thanked him for his time. He said that he would watch them as well as go online and listen to Hell's Best Kept Secret (which he had never heard before).

I made myself available to go back and do a One Day Seminar( Pastor Mike seemed interested. Will see what happens.

Click here December 20, 2007 - Hour 2 to listen to the full segment it starts about 20 minutes into the program.

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