Friday, December 14, 2007

Lucas Funeral Home and The Way of the Master Radio

I was asked the other day, how I found Jimmy Lucas, who is the owner of 11 Funeral Homes in North Texas, and how I was able to get him on The Way of the Master Radio. Well, it sprung up from a sad providence that occurred in my husband's family.

A few months ago, my cousin (through marriage) lost her twins in the womb, just about 1 month before they were to be born. The whole family was in utter shock--as you could imagine. Jimmy Lucas was the funeral director who got the call from my cousin about the death of the twins. Jimmy said he was so touched by their situation that he would cover all of the funeral arrangements and costs for the family. Then when I got the news, I was amazed at his generosity that I decided to call him on behalf of the family to thank him for his kindness. At that point, I offered him the opportunity to be on the air to share his thoughts on spirituality. I could hardly believe he took up the offer.

So fast forward to last Thursday and after Jimmy got off the phone with Ray Comfort and Todd Friel, I asked Jimmy, "Jimmy, if you were to encounter someone who had only 3 minutes to live--how would you share your faith--you only have 3 minutes to do so." So he tilted his head a bit and said, "Well...I would tell them that Christ died on the cross and rose on Easter but there is only one thing I would add, if I had 3 minutes to share my faith, it's what I didn't say on the air--the word "repent"...I would tell them they had to repent".

Jimmy told me that he believed what the Bible had to say, and that Jesus was the only way to heaven. I was very grateful to hear him say these things. But I had a hard time detecting any sort of urgency in him with regards to sharing his faith with the families that come into the funeral home. It didn't seem, to me, that he was looking or digging for any little opportunity that would provide him to do so. I hope that my visit made him think about eternity and the urgency to tell others about the Gospel. As Christian's we should be looking for every open door to preach the Gospel. This should be an all consuming passion.

We talked for a short amount of time, I thanked him for being on the air, gave him a gift filled with a couple episodes of The Way of the Master television show and gospel tracts (which he enjoyed) , and a bag of special Christmas popcorn. He saw the popcorn and said as he grabbed his belly, "This will go good with the episode you gave me." I laughed and so did he. "I will watch this with the whole family." He added. "Great!" I replied. As I walked out of the funeral home I looked back at him and pointed as I said kindly with a smile, "Jimmy don't forget to preach the Gospel." He listened intently.

I had a wonderful time at the Funeral Home--though I hope to not have to go back there anytime soon :-)

Click here December 13, 2007 - Hour 1 to listen to the full segment it starts about 40 minutes into the program.


Ryan Gill said...

Unfortunately, I did not hear true urgency in his voice either when he was discussing the eternal resting place of one's soul. He seemed to believe that one's beliefs = one's destination. I hope and pray he is led to John 14:6 and soon.

I'm praying for the guy, and you and the rest of the WOTM team.

pastorbrianculver said...

he sounds much like I used to sound. I knew the right things to say, but unfortunately, I was not doing it. I would always tell others that they needed to get out of the church with their faith and go out into the streets to reach the lost, but I was not doing it. I am thankful for WOTM and I pray that this man will see the great opportunity he has in witnessing to others!

Redze said...

Trish, I pray that Jimmy will find a way to witness to others in his line of work, especially since he deals with the death of families loved ones. I have a friend who was a funeral director and decided it was a career they wanted to move on from. I have always wondered why, and yet am able to rest assured that God has plans for her anywhere she works! Take care and God Bless. PS- Perhaps the seed you planted will grow much more now that he has mad his views known. :-)

Fish with Trish said...

Thanks everyone for the comments and for your concern for Jimmy. I appreciate your prayers. Thanks for reading my blog!

Troy said...

I have known Jimmy for a lot of years. I am not a Christian. I think that it is interesting that you and the people who commented are able to draw conclusions about Jimmy (his needs, his beliefs, etc) with very little actual contact with the man. Every time I see or talk to Jimmy, I am reminded of Jesus. I would think that the loving gesture Jimmy made for your family would speak volumes to you about the man, his faith, and how is faith leads him to act. I wish more people who professed to follow Jesus were as simple and beautiful as Jimmy is. Then, maybe, we would see the love of Jesus everywhere.
Troy Silva