Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I rolled down my window a bit and said...

For the second segment of The Way of the Master Radio, last Thursday, we were approached by the mall security that we shouldn't be taking photos. I was glad that at least we were able to finish the first segment with no problems. We apologized, gave the security man a tract, and quickly got in our car to leave for a new location. But before we pulled away I saw a young guy getting into his burgundy truck which just so happened to be parked next to us. I was sitting in the back of the SUV. My in-laws were in the front and my cousin-in-law was sitting next to me. The young man's driver side window was right next to mine.

I rolled down my window a bit and said, "Did you get one of these?" I handed him a Million Dollar Bill tract and he smiled. "Are you going any where-I mean do you have a quick second?" I quickly inquired. "Sure. I'm not going anywhere. I was just doing my Christmas shopping so I have time." He said, to my surprise, as he leaned against his truck. I rolled down my window all the way and said, "What's your name?" I asked. "Ryan." He answered. "Well Ryan, I know this might look really weird, four people sitting in a care talking to you, but we are doing a radio segment and we were just about to leave to go to a new location but would like you to be on it. If you are willing to, you would share your thoughts about spiritual things all over a cell phone." I said as I held up my cell phone for him to see it. "Sure. I'll do it." He said. "Perfect." I smiled. "I can talk about this topic for hours." He added.

Just excellent…I thought…this will be wonderful we don't even need to move. We will stay in the car and take pictures from inside. So I handed him the phone and he sat in his truck while he talked to Ray Comfort.

After he got out of his truck he said, "That's their view and I have my view." So we talked and the more I explained, he seemed to understand where we were coming from and what the Bible warned us of. He really opened up and began to ask question like "How can we trust that the Bible is reliable." And I answered his questions. But shared how we will still have to face a holy God on Judgment Day even if all of our questions are not answered.
I am so honored to be able to follow up with people after they get off the air. It is so needed. So I showed off the Curved Illusion tract. He cracked up laughing. It's such a blessing to be able to make people smile in the midst of such deep things. Right as we were about to leave he added, "I still have a lot of questions." "Great!" I said. My family and I invited him out to a local bible study and encouraged him to bring a note book filled with all his questions. I told him that my husband would be glad to answer them in much greater detail. I pray he will come. But even if he doesn't my prayer is for him to repent of his sins and get right with God. He was a very nice young man.

Click here December 06, 2007 - Hour 2 to listen to the full segment it starts about 20 minutes into the program.


Shoots said...

I listened to that Trish, and thought it was nice. Am glad he became more open to the gospel and I hope he makes a profession of faith.

Fish with Trish said...

Thanks for listening!