Friday, April 3, 2015

Only One Way

This email was sent to me today:

"You know my friend Rae, well she was telling me today that at the hospital where she works they have Christian Chaplains and Catholic priests and Hindu chaplains, etc, and different rooms for the different religions that patients and families can go into and pray. The Christian Chaplain is there the most, so he has the greatest opportunity to speak to the patients and their families. Today she spoke to him and asked him a question that offended him. Here's the convo:

R: 'So, how do you do it?'

CC: 'Well, depending on what religion they are I'll send them to the Hindu room, or the Buddhist room or whatever.'

R: 'No, I mean how do you do it? Like, you believe in God and that there's only one way, so how do you lead them to the Hindu room knowing that's not the right way.'

CC: 'Well, everyone has their own way to find comfort.'

R: 'Yes, but there's only one way to find true comfort.'

CC: 'Well, I TRY to share the gospel with them…', he huffed.

She just stood there staring at him watching him squirm.

It was a quick conversation, but it made me smile. She's only 20 and a baby Christian. She told me, 'I hope I made an impact on him because every time he sends someone to that Hindu room, he's basically sending them to hell.'"

I hope she made an impact too.

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