Friday, February 6, 2015

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I have a friend that loves evangelism and who goes to the same neurologist and MRI place as I do. At one point we both had appointments at both places, either days or hours apart from each other. I was up first at the neurologist and called her after my appointment to tell her how it went and that the doctor professes to be a Christian, and also to let her know which tracts I had passed out, which included giving all the staff copies of Ray Comfort’s Evolution vs. God DVD. I did that so that she would be sure to give out different tracts since we have the same ones. A few days later at her appointment, she did just that, including giving out copies of The Biggest Question DVD. The staff must’ve thought that God was really trying to get their attention.

Then the neurologist sent me to have an MRI. I had never had an MRI before and was pleased when they told me to bring headphones and they would play any music I wanted to listen to off of the Internet.

On the day of my appointment the technician asked me what music I wanted. “It will play throughout the room too,” she said.

Hearing that immediately changed things;

“I want to listen to Hell’s Best Kept Secret,” I said. Since the staff would hear it play also, I decided I would let the audio clip do the witnessing for me.

After I had been in the machine for a while, the technician piped into my headphones to ask how I was doing. “I’m fine. Are you listening?” I asked.

“Oh, yes. We can hear everything,” she said.

After Hell’s Best Kept Secret ended I had them play True and False Conversion, and then left them all with tracts when I was done.

I called my friend to tell her what had happened. My friend has had several MRIs, but this place was new to her. She was excited and said that none of the MRI places she’s been to offer music; that she always just sat in the machine listening to the banging noise. At her appointment she (and the staff) listened to two movies by Ray Comfort, Genius and Noah. Eternity will show the reward. :-)

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