Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Kind Of Mall Evangelism

Today four of us went to the mall to evangelize. Normally, a group of us go to The University of North Texas on Wednesdays, but classes are out for Christmas break, so the mall would have to do.  We decided to meet in the Food Court at noon.  

As we waited for the last lady to arrive, I took an iPhone and “printed” 180 Movie tracts for the 20 or so people eating lunch at the various tables around us. About 15 minutes later, we noticed that those people had left and there was now a new group of 20 or so people, so I printed tracts for them as well. It finally dawned us that we didn’t have to go anywhere else in the mall to evangelize. We could just sit right where we were and wait for the people to cycle through. So, about every 15 minutes or so, we took turns “printing” 180 Movie tracts for the new people that were cycling in. It was great! We did this for about three hours, and had a great time evangelizing, fellowshipping, and getting a little work done. We even gave away copies of The Biggest Question, which was great. God willing, we'll do the same thing next Wednesday. Can't wait! 

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