Friday, January 30, 2015

Had a bit of a scare today…I thought my dog was dead.  I came upon her totally motionless, eyes open, tongue hanging out, and totally unresponsive to me repeatedly calling her name. I really thought she was dead, so I hollered for my husband and turned away thinking the worst. Turns out she was just ignoring me and was perfectly fine. Emilio reminded me that “she never moves; she’s half dog, half statue”.  In my defense, she has been sick lately, and we all know that death can seize us at any moment. Thank God that wasn’t the case today. Turns out, the only thing dead today was my discernment. ;-)

Lilly playing possum

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Sydney Weaver said...

Got my smiling early this morning on this one. Thank you Lord that Lilly's little personality...he he