Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fishing With Trish...

A Little Note of 

"Hey Trish, wanted to tell you how grateful I am that I missed my 2nd flight on my trip to Knoxville. I got on the next flight and got to witness to a guy named Jeremiah. He seemed to have a surface knowledge of God and the Bible, knew the right answers sorta, said he thanked God for everything, but was very casual about his beliefs. He said his dad had just died and he was on his way to the funeral. What a perfect opportunity to witness! I gave him the gospel, encouraged him to repent and place his faith in Christ, and said that I hope if we ever meet again that we can testify to God's goodness and we would love Him more than we do now. I wrote down the websites for Wretched Radio, RedGrace Media, and Heritage Grace. Praying he looks at those sites and the Lord uses them to grow him" ~Amanda

The amount of women I have seen evangelizing has become encouragingly greater.  I have met many sweet and dear women who are passionate for God’s glory in evangelizing the lost. These faces and voices, with their testimonies and stories have burdened me to further encourage women everywhere to share their faith since God does desire to use women in evangelism. 

And I’m so thankful that He desires to use us in this way. What a tremendous honor it is to serve Him in any way at all, and that He would want to make women "fishers of men" too. :-)

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