Thursday, December 4, 2014

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Traveling This Christmas Season? 

Don't Waste Your Plane Ride

I had just finished speaking at a ladies’ event in Genoa, OH and was in the airport in Detroit, Michigan with my friend Kristen, ready to board a plane for home. We had “tracted” the people sitting around us when I suddenly thought of a bigger challenge.  “Let’s give tracts to everyone on the plane until we reach our seats.” I said. That may not seem like a big deal on the surface, but we had our roll on luggage plus our handbags, and handing out tracts is best done with two hands.

“Okay, sounds good. You get the right side and I’ll get the left, although, I’m not sure how we're going to do this one-handed”, she laughed.

I wasn’t sure either. We positioned ourselves at the very end of the line that was waiting to board, excited to see what would happen.

As we began to board the plane, I was ahead of Kristen and started giving everyone seated on the right side a tract. People were slowly moving to their seats, which made it much easier to hand the tracts out than expected. I guess everyone could tell that we were traveling together because Kristen noticed the people on the left actually waiting for her to get to them so that they could receive what I was handing to the people on the right. Only one man politely refused a tract, while all the others gladly took one. I was amazed at just how easy it had been. The biggest problem wasn’t that I was one-handed, but rather that the tracts I picked to hand out were brand new and were trying to stick together, so some people received two tracts, which come to think of it, isn’t a big problem at all, is it?

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